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In the framework of the general Greek program ΄΄ Research-Development-Inovation΄΄, and more specifically with regard to the research program entitled ΄΄Intellignet Facades for Near Zero Buildings, IF-ΖΕΒ΄΄, which investigates the integrated response of the energy performance along with the seismic robustness of the insulated façade systems in near zero energy buildings, we provide to Fibran S.A., which is the leader of the research program, consulting services focused on the technical and scientific expertise as well as the interconnection link between the industry and the university laboratories, (2018-2021). PDF

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 ASΑnastasiadis  & Associates is a specialized firm operating in the field of the development of civil engineering works, dedicated to provide structural, hydraulic and geotechnical design and consulting services, as well as, project management and supervision.



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