Visiting Professor- Knowledge transfer

Dr. Dipl. EurIng Anthimos Anastasiadis, acting as an invited lecturer, after an invitation from the "Politehnica" University of Timisoara, Faculty of Architecture, in the framework of the European program Erasmus+, for knowledge transfer from well known practicing engineers with research activity to the universities, provided lectures focused on the design of steel and reinforced concrete structures as well as the implementation o steel elements in the rehabilitation of the monumental structures. (May 2019). PDF

Dr. Dipl. EurIng Anthimos Anastasiadis, acting as a visiting professor, was invited to teach the course "Design of Steel, Composite and Timber Strucutres" for the academic year 2013-2014 to the "Politehnica" University of Timisoara, Faculty of Architecture ( PDF

Projects for structural assessment

Our office performed the design, providing different alternative schemes, for the structural rehabilitation of a gathering space, in Pylea district of Thessaloniki, taking into account the existing space constraints affecting constructability, (April 2018). PDF

Our office has undertaken, in collaboration with Mr. Kastanidis I, Arch Eng., the Rapid Visual Screening of a multi-storey reinforced concrete building constructed in the 70s, situated in Delfon region, Thessaloniki. Based on the observed failures, we prepare a study for the repair of critical components by applying the EN 1504 (June 2018). PDF

Technical and scientific expertise services

In the framework of the general Greek program ΄΄ Research-Development-Inovation΄΄, and more specifically with regard to the research program entitled ΄΄Intellignet Facades for Near Zero Buildings, IF-ΖΕΒ΄΄, which investigates the integrated response of the energy performance along with the seismic robustness of the insulated façade systems in near zero energy buildings, we provide to Fibran S.A., which is the leader of the research program, consulting services focused on the technical and scientific expertise as well as the interconnection link between the industry and the university laboratories, (2018-2021). PDF

Energy performance of buildings

Our office continued its successful course in issuing energy certificates surpassing 400 energetic inspections, from the legal starting point of 2011, covering a surface of more than 35.500 sq.m., as well continues to collaborate with Technodyne Ltd and Vassilis Koutsounis, Dipl. Electrical Engineer, and manager of the aforementioned company, with related activities regarding the ΄΄smart homes automations΄΄ in Attica region (2018).

Geotechnical and Structural Expertise

The present study was conducted in collaboration with Dr. C. Sachpazis, Geodomisi Ltd.

The study recorded, determined and evaluated the geotechnical and structural damage, related to the ground failure of an area of 5.500 square meters along with the structural failure of three one story masonry buildings and retaining walls of 50 m with a medium height of 3.50m. Based on the soil-structure interaction, the project verified the bearing capacity of the system and further on evaluated the rehabilitation construction process at the value of 850.000€ claims against the jurisdiction who caused the damage, (2015-2016). PDF

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 ASΑnastasiadis  & Associates is a specialized firm operating in the field of the development of civil engineering works, dedicated to provide structural, hydraulic and geotechnical design and consulting services, as well as, project management and supervision.



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