The firm's main activity is design and consulting of a large spectrum of civil engineering works. It provides the following services:

Α) Civil Engineering Design

  • Front-end engineering and design, FEED.
  • Structural and geotechnical design of building structures.
  • Structural and geotechnical design of infrastructure projects.
  • Structural design of steel, composite and thin-walled structures.
  • Structural assessment of existing buildings and monuments.
  • Structural restoration, rehabilitation and upgrading of existing buildings.
  • Soil-structure interaction, under static and seismic conditions.
  • Hydraulic design of the infrastructure projects.
  • Design under different geoenvironmental conditions.

Β) Project Management and Control

  • Third party checking and independent peer reviewing.
  • Plan and constructability checking.
  • Project planning and supervision of civil engineering works.
  • Compiling of contract documents.
  • Compiling and adaptation of technical specifications.
  • Control and quality checking of structural engineering works. 

C) Consultancy 

  • Consulting for the development of earthquake resistant structures.
  • Consulting for the construction and erection of steel and composite structures.
  • Consulting for structural upgrading of different type of constructions.
  • Consulting for the development and implementation of new structural technologies.

 D) Legal Technical Consultancy

  • Consultancy connected to disputes, arbitration and claims, in the field of civil engineering works.
  • Civil engineering expert witness.
  • Properties and expropriation valuations.

 E) Continuing Professional Education

  • Lecturing on new structural and earthquake resistant technologies.
  • Lecturing on structural codes.
  • Lecturing on detailing and application of structural codes.





About us

 ASΑnastasiadis  & Associates is a specialized firm operating in the field of the development of civil engineering works, dedicated to provide structural, hydraulic and geotechnical design and consulting services, as well as, project management and supervision.



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